The Cuba INvestment Working Group

Who We Are: 

The Cuba Investment Working Group (Cuba IWG) is an association of corporations, institutional investors, advisors, small/medium enterprises, non-profit institutions and individuals committed to engaging Cuba and the Cuban people through the expansion of investment and business.  

What We Do: 

As it takes a more active role in the global economy, Cuba will present investors with a myriad of opportunities across a wide spectrum of sectors and asset classes. Cuba IWG's mission is to foster a community of interested parties and provide them with the resources, information, and platform needed to expand Cuba's investment relationship with the world.  

Cuba IWG achieves this through: 

  • The coordination of working groups on specific subjects, sectors and asset classes pertinent to Cuba's expanding investment relationship with the world.
  • The development and preservation of:
    • The Cuba FDI Database which tracks and catalogs investments, joint ventures and cooperation agreements by foreign entities in Cuba. 
    • An investor resources directory which lists public sector and non-profit resources for investors in Cuba and around the world. 
    • The Cuba IWG Blog which aggregates economic news about Cuba. 
  • The organization of summits, roundtables and delegations which are designed to educate corporations, institutional investors, advisors, small/medium enterprises, non-profit institutions and individuals about investing in Cuba, while providing them with the opportunity to interact directly with Cuba's business community. 

How We Operate: 

Cuba IWG is a non-profit. 


Banner Image by Esteban Fernandez Garcia