The Cuba Private Equity Summit 

The Cuba Private Equity Summit is designed to give Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Firms, Family Offices and other strategic investors a first-hand look at the rapidly evolving investment climate in Cuba. 

The Summit will take place over three (3) days and include in-depth discussions on key sectors, interactive site visits to existing joint ventures and investments, and 1-1 meetings with stakeholders. The Summit will provide it participants with the first hand knowledge and relationships necessary to make informed decisions when considering investment in Cuba.  

The Summit is intended to sponsor people-to-people contact between investment professionals and the Cuban people to educate both sides about the potential for constructive engagement between long-term investors and the entrepreneurs of Cuba. The Summit will provide a full-time schedule of authorized activities, and written copies will be provided to participants.

The Summit will provide participants with the opportunity to educate themselves through first hand knowledge and people-to-people contact necessary to make informed decisions when considering investment in Cuba. 


Havana, Cuba 


2016 (TBD)


Build Relationships
Obtain First Hand Knowledge
Expand Your Network in Cuba


Learn ABout:

  • The Current State of US-Cuba Economic Relations 
  • Priority Projects for the Cuban Government 
  • Infrastructure Investment Opportunities 
  • Healthcare and Pharma Opportunities 
  • Tech and Telecom Investment Opportunities 
  • Important Regulatory Changes 
  • Investor Resources in Cuba